Pardot & Marketing Cloud Certification Paths [Infographic]

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There are now 35+ Salesforce Certifications, a number which continues to grow every year. As two different products requiring specialised skill-sets, Pardot and Marketing Cloud have distinct certification paths to follow. In the ‘Pardot & Marketing Cloud Certification Paths‘ infographic, you will find each pathway side-by-side, highlighting any pre-requisites, the recommended experience in months/years, and even the new ‘Marketing Cloud Administrator’ certification.

Note that the point may not be to continue up the pyramid – the higher levels are not the only endpoints. It all depends on your role, for example, a marketer using Pardot day-to-day does not need to continue up the pyramid to the Consultant certification. I included the Salesforce Administrator Certification as useful knowledge to have as a Pardot marketer; with Pardot moving ever closer to Sales Cloud features, the core Admin certification will give you a solid foundation – it certainly did for me!



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