6 UI/UX Features to Implement in Every Salesforce Project

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Since the start of my journey with salesforce, my colleagues were always talking about flowers. Whenever we went live with a project, or we were preparing for a presentation, they always had to make sure we had the little flowers.

So what are the flowers, or “florezinhas” as we say in Portuguese?


The flowers are the small details, and although they are not structural, they are what make Salesforce personal. These little details can ensure that your users love Salesforce.

I leave you here, with some “flowers”…

1. Salesforce App – Adapt to your environment

Adapt the applications to your users. Use the name area/department (UC – Human Resources | UC – Financial) and ensures that they only see the information that matters to them. If I’m in the finance department I do not need to see the human resources tabs.

Users want to feel like Salesforce is adapted specifically for them, so I advise you to create an Application for each group of users.

How to: Trailhead – Create the Application

2. List Views – Clean your Room

There is nothing more annoying than opening Salesforce and having a set of List views that do not make sense. That’s why it’s important to have list views organized according to the goals of that team’s work. Using number can help have a logical sequence.

How to: Trailhead – Create and Customize List Views

3. Validation Rules – Make it funny

Validation rules are a fast and extremely effective way of ensuring that we have a clean database, by ensuring that the information entered is correct. Since we have to send the message we might as well make it entertaining.

Tip – Sometimes some profiles (admins) do not need to have the validation rules. See our post on Sales Cloud validation rules for more information.

How to – Trailhead – Create Validation Rules

4. Page Layouts and Lightning Pages – Adapt, Conquer, Overcome

The lightning pages are recent, but for me, they are one of it’s best features. When we were in the classic ages, Salesforce page layouts had very little flexibility in customisation, Visualforce was the only real answer.

With lightning pages, a new world opens up. Using the Lightning App Builder to add, remove, or reorder components on a record page allows us to give users a customized view for each object’s records.

So, be creative and customize the lightning pages.

How to – Trailhead – Build an App Home Lightning Page

5. Compact Layouts – Give more with less

A compact layout is a small detail that enhances the experience of the user. They are used to displays a record’s key fields at a glance in both the Salesforce mobile app and Lightning Experience. They also work when you cover over a master-detail or lookup field in Salesforce Lightning.

How To – Articles – Compact Layout Overview

6. Images Formulas – Give the Personal Touch

This is one of my favourite flowers. it’s a simple thing but that all our customers like. Use image formulas to represent information that exists in the record.

  • Lead Quality;
  • Origin (Email, Phone, Fax)
  • Profile Strength
  • Segment (Hospital, Financial)
  • Classification (One star, two stars)

How To – SalesforceBen – How to Use Image Formula Fields

7. Themes and Branding – Make them feel Special

Themes and branding allow tailoring of Salesforce with colors of the customer organization. At first, everyone had to stick with the standard Salesforce Blue. Nowadays it is possible to have a rainbow of colors.

Why flowers?

Honestly, I have no idea but I will continue using it!

Thanks to my team at Step Ahead Consulting, without them I wouldn´t know these tips.

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  1. Regarding item number 3, you need to be very careful; humor does not always translate perfectly in a text message, and what’s funny to one person, another may consider condescending or insulting. Frankly, if I received an error message calling me lazy, I’d be extremely insulted, which is certainly not the Admin’s intention.

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